FENG Yanjun

SOURCE :     TIME: 2020-07-31

Name: Feng Yanjun

Position: Professor


Research Interests: sociological jurisprudence (Labor Law and Social Security Law), economic law

Profile: Prof.Feng is the director of Research Center of Economic and Social Law at Jilin University School of Law, and the associate editor of Contemporary Law Review. He also takes the positions as vice chairman of China Social Law Studies Institute, member of its academic committee, standing member of Economic Law Studies Institute of China Law Society, standing member of Jilin Law Society, and member of advisory committee for Changchun Government. At the same time, he also works for arbitration committees of Changchun, Jilin, Hangzhou and Chongqing as arbitrator, and Jilin University Law Firm as lawyer.

Major Publications:

1. Choice of Legislative Model of Endowment Insurance for Part-time Workers from the Perspective of Comparison between China and Japan, Contemporary Law Review, 06, 2010.

2. Civil Law and Labor Law: Institutional Development and Changes, Social Science Front, 03, 2001.

3. WTO?Limited Government?Modern Economic Law, Social Science Front, 06, 2004.

4. Concept of Contemporary Labor Law: Decent life and Harmonious Development, Guangming Daily, 11 November, 2010.

5. Multiple Legal Connotations and Applications of “Reasonable” in Labor Law, China Legal Science, 05, 2018.

6. Labor Law, monograph, Jilin University Press, 11, 1999.

7. Construction of Harmonious Society and Social Security Law, China Labor and Social Security Press, 06, 2008.

8. Labor Law, co-author, Higher Education Press, 05, 2004.

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