WANG Jiaojiao

SOURCE :     TIME: 2020-06-23

Name: Wang Jiaojiao


Research interests:  Labor Law and Social Security Law, Economic Law


I’m from Jiamusi, Heilongjiang Province.

The Master of Economic Law of Jilin University, PHD of Civil and Commercial Law of Jilin University, and the Exchange Scholar of Taiwan Chengchi University.

The Director of China Social Law Association, the Director and the Deputy Secretary-general of the Economic Law Association of Jilin Province Law, the Director of the Corporate Rule of Law Association of Jilin Province Law.

Taking charge of the “Research on the Legal Application of Working Time Rules”, which is the Youth Project of the National Philosophy and Social Science Foundation, and the “Research on the Working Hours Judgment Standard and Its Application”, which is the Philosophy and Social Science Project of Jilin University. Participate in many national projects, local governmental projects and horizontal projects, such as the “Comparative Study on the Legal Regulations of Part-time Employment in China and Japan”, “An Empirical Research on China’s Emerging Labor Relations”, the legislative project of “Regulation of the Changchun on the Protection the Rights and Interests of the Elderly".


1. Researching the Questions on the Employment Rights of the Retirement Personnel and Its Legal Protection, Contemporary Law Review, 2008(02), P63-68.

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