JIA Zhiqiang

SOURCE :     TIME: 2020-06-23

Name: Zhiqiang Jia

PositionAssociate Professor in Law

Research interests: Criminal Procedure, Criminal Justice

Profile: I research and teach criminal procedural law. My current research focuses on guilty plea regime, negotiated justice, criminal summary procedure, and criminal pretrial procedure. I began to work at School of Law in Jilin University in 2018, having previously been a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in School of Philosophy and Sociology, Jilin University (2016-2018). I’m also a member of Criminal Procedural Law Society of Jilin Province. I had been an academic visitor at Faculty of Law in the University of Oxford, UK (2019-2020).

Selected Publications:

1.Zhiqiang Jia, “Written Review” or “Court Trial”: The Way of Judgment in China’s Criminal Fast-Track Sentencing Procedure, ECUPL Journal , No.4 (2018). (CSSCI)

2.Zhiqiang Jia, On Effective Assistance of Counsel in the Cases of Those Confessing to Their Crimes and Accepting Punishments: From the Perspective of Litigation Consensus Theory, Tribune of Political Science and Law , No.2 (2018). (CSSCI)

3.Zhiqiang Jia, The Chinese Model on the Reform of the Right for People’s Juror to Attend Trial, Contemporary Law Review , No.2 (2018). (CSSCI)

4.Zhiqiang Jia, MIN Chun-lei, The Predicament and Solution of Investigation and Evidence Collection under Judicial Assistance in Chinese, Japanese and Korean Criminal Procedure Law System, DongJiang Journal , No.3 (2018). (CSSCI)

5.Zhiqiang Jia, On the Efficacy of Criminal Pretrial Conference, Academic Exchange, No.5 (2016). (CSSCI)

6.Zhiqiang Jia, Chunlei Min, The Practical Predicament and Solution of China’s Criminal Summary Procedure, Theory Journal , No.8 (2015). (CSSCI)

7.Zhiqiang Jia, From Empiricism to Theory: A Study of the Hearing Model in the Criminal Pretrial Conference, Journal of Xinjiang University, No.4 (2015). (CSSCI)

8.Zhiqiang Jia, China’s Approach to Procedural Rules of Exclusion: From the Perspective of Illegal Confession in Trial Stage, Journal of Guangzhou University, No.5 (2014). (CSSCI)

9.Chunlei Min, Bo Yang, Dengke Xie, Zhiqiang Jia, Investigation Report on the Implementation of New Criminal Procedure Law by Procuratorial Organ in Three Northeast Provinces, Journal of National Prosecutors College, No.3 (2014). (CSSCI)

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