HU Xiaojing

SOURCE :     TIME: 2020-06-24

Name: Xiaojing Hu

PositionDean of the Commercial Law Department

Research interests: Commercial Law, Company Law



2019.08 – 2020.08 Visiting Scholar at School of Law, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

2009 – present: Professor, School of Law, Jilin University

2009 - 2019:  Associate Professor, School of Law, Jilin University

2001 – 2008:  Lecturer, School of Law, Jilin University

1998 – 2000:  Teaching Assistant, School of Law, Jilin University  


l 2001-2005 PhD in Company Law, Cologne University, Germany,  Dissertation title: Legal Issues of Chinese Corporate Governance – Based on a Comparison between German and China ( Rechtsfragen der Chinesischen Corporate Governance – Auf Grundlage eines Vergleichs zwischen Deutschland und China), 2006 Frankfurk am Main, Peter Lang, Germany

PhD Supervisor: Professor Dr. Barbara Dauner-Lieb

l 2001-2007 PhD in Jurisprudence, School of Law, Jilin University Dissertation title: The Balance of Benefits in Corporate Governance

PhD supervisor: Professor Dr. Shi Shaoxia

l 1995-1998 Master in Economy LawSchool of Law, Jilin University Thesis title: On Limited Partnership Regime

Supervisor: Professor Dr. Shi Shaoxia

l 1991-1995 Bachelor in Law (LLB), School of Law, Jilin University


l Hu, Xiaojing, Reanalysis of the Right of Pre-emption in the External Transfer of Stock Rights of Limited Companies, Seeking Truth, 2019(5).

l Hu, Xiaojing, How to understand the commercial activities, Academic Forum, 2019(3).

l Hu, Xiaojing, Unformed Resolutions of Shareholders’ Meeting in German Theories and Judicial Practices – Also on Article 5 of the Judicial Interpretation IV of Company Law, Journal of Shandong University (Philosophy and Social Sciences), 2018(03).  

l Hu, Xiaojing, Institutional Establishment of Directors Liabilities to Creditors when a Company goes bankrupt, Social Science Frontier, 2017(11).

l Hu, Xiaojing, Confirming of Shareholder’s Qualification during the Equity Transferring, Contemporary Law Review, 2016(02).

l Hu, Xiaojing, On Effectiveness of Shareholders’ Preemptive right, Global Law Review, 2015(05).

l Hu, Xiaojing, Yin Yanmei, Civil Subject Status of Pre-incorporation, Jilin University Journal Social Sciences Edition, 2013(05).  

l Hu, Xiaojing, Cui Zhiwei, Issues of Anonymous Investment in LLC, Contemporary Law Review, 2012(04).

l Hu, Xiaojing, Thought on Confirming Criteria of Shareholder’s Qualification in LLC, Journal of National Prosecutors College, 2012(03).

l Hu, Xiaojing, Corporate Social Responsibility: Connotation, Extension and Realization Mechanism, Law and Social Development, 2010(02). 

l Hu, Xiaojing, Shareholder’s Derivative Suit System in Germany: Contemporary Law Review, 2010(02).

l Hu, Xiaojing, Combined Action of the Board of Directors and the Board of Supervisors in the Germany Public Companies: Contemporary Law Review, 2008(03).

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