XU Xiao

SOURCE :     TIME: 2020-06-24

Name: XU Xiao

Position: Deputy Director of Commercial Law Department

Research interests: Corporate LawNegotiable Instrument Law

Profile: Department of Commercial Law, Jilin University School of Law, since 2000

             Doctor Degree from Jilin University School of Law, 2004

             Visiting scholar in Columbia University Law School, 2012-2013


On the Abolishment of  Right to Claim Restitution Interest of Negotiable Instruments, Studies in Law and Business, 2015(3).

On the Exercise of the Right of Exception in Bankruptcy Procedure, Contemporary Law Review, 2008(4).

On the Duality of Security of Right and Real Security in Bill Pledge, Contemporary Law Review, 2006(6).

Research on Presumption of Fault, Jilin People's Press, (2005).

On the Shareholders’ obligation and Rules of Commercial Adjudication, Law and Social Development, 2001(5).

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