SUN Liangguo

SOURCE :     TIME: 2020-09-21


Ph.D.   Law, Jilin University, 2006

M.A.   Law, Jilin University, 2002

B.A.    Law, Jilin University, 1999


Contracts, Contract law theory, Torts, Consumer Law, General theory of private law, Guarantee law


General principles of civil law, Contract law, Property law, Real estate law, Guarantee law, American contract law, Classical case analysis in contract law


Jilin University

August 2002-August 2013    Lecturer, Associate Professor of Civil Law

May 2012-present          Doctoral Supervisor in Civil and Commercial Law September 2013-present   Professor of Civil and Commercial Law

Tsinghua University School of Law

April 2010-January 2012         Postdoctoral Researcher in Business Law      

University of Iowa Law College

 March 2012-March 2013         Visiting Scholar        

University of Chicago Law School

 July 2012                      Summer Scholar

University of Cambridge

 Aug. 2018-Sep.2018              Researcher            

Legal Practice

 Lawyer, Shanghai Allbright Law Office(Changchun Branch)


 1.Director, Marriage and Family Law Institute of China Law Society

 2.Director, Civil Law Institute of China Law Society

 3.Executive Director, Civil Law Institute of Jilin Province Law Society

 4.Expert Advisory Committee Member, Changchun Arbitration Committee


Law Review Articles

1. Reflection and Improvement of the 1.3 Times Regulation for Excessive  Adjustment of Contractual Penalty from the Perspective of Function —  —Comment on Article 29 of Judicial Interpretation of Contract  Law ( II ), Social Science Research 6 (2018)

2. The Appropriateness of Results under Context Constraints —— The "  Zhengzhou Elevator Smoke Case" from the Perspective of Law and   Economics, Law and Modernization 4 (2018)

3. Path Transformation of Contract Effectiveness Analysis, Social Science Front 5 (2018)

4. Determination of the Contract Establishment time and Value Judgment  of Contract Law —— Taking " Xia Wei v. Amazon Excellence    Unauthorized Deletion of Orders" as an Example, ECUPL Journal 2    (2018)

5. Logical Premise and Rationalization Scheme of Legal Design for   Automatic Renewal of Residential Construction Land Use Right, Police Science Research 6 (2017)

6. Fair Consideration in the Design of Automatic Renewal System, Law and Social Development 6 (2017)

7. Legal Analysis of Couple Loyalty Agreement, Social Science Front 9   (2017)

8. Gap Filling after the Identification of Unfair Contract Terms, Journal of National Prosecutors College 25,1 (January 2017)

9. The Legal System Framework of Automatic Renewal of Residential   Construction Land Use Right, Law Science 12 (2016)

10. On the Premise of Automatic Renewal of Residential Construction Land  Use Right, Law Science 10 (2016)

11. Defaulter’s Right to Terminate Contract and Its Boundary,     Contemporary Law Review 5 (2016)

12. Regulation of Transgenic Technology from the Perspective of Legal   Paternalism, Law Science 9 (2015)

13. Legal Countermeasures of Issues in Frozen Embryo Disposition between  the Couple, Journal of National Prosecutors College 23,1 (January   2015)

14. On the Main Regulation Technology in the New Consumer Protection  Law,Contemporary Law Review 4 (2014)

15. Fair Control of the Unilateral Modification of the Contract Terms, Law Science 1 (2013)

16. The Ideal of Bribery Governance and the Calculation of Bribery    Crime,Criminal Science 7 (2012)

17. Interest Balancing and Rule Design in Consumer’s Right of Withdrawal,  Zhejiang Social Sciences 7 (2012)

18. Study on Foreseeable Rules in Contract Law, Journal of National Prosecutors College 19,6 (December 2011)

19. How Can Consumers Have Withdrawal Right, Contemporary Law Review (bimonthly) 6 (2011)

20. A Further Study in the Validity of Profit—Making Contract by Civil   Servant Breaching Prohibitive Legal Rules: Based on the Analysis of  Academic Recognition and Court Judgments, Zhejiang Social Sciences 8 (2011)

21. On the Nature, Function and Application of the Compensation for   Personal Right Tort, Science of Law 4 (2011)

22. Cost to Remedy, Loss in Value or Disgorgement?—Study on Remedies  of Defective Performance, Law and Social Development (bimonthly) 3   (2011)

23. Criticism of the Theoretical Efficiency Breach, Contemporary Law Review (bimonthly) 6 (2010)

24. The Effect and Legal Consequences of the Civil Servants' Agreement of  Making Profit Investment—from the Perspective of Zhang Jifeng   Investment Case, Law Science 10 (2010)

25. The Constitutive Requirements and Application of Compensation for  Personal Rights Tort —Comment on Article 20 of the “Tort Liability   Law Draft (The Third Review)”, Law Science 12 (2009)

26. The Realization of Expectation Damages: A Study of Substitute    Transaction, Contemporary Law Review (bimonthly) 6 (2009)

27. On Willful Breach, Law and Social Development (bimonthly) 6 (2009)

28. Research on the Composition of Information Disclosure—from the   Perspective of Functional Realization, Social Science Research 5 (2008)

29. Study of Disgorgement Interests Compensation in Contractual Liability,  Law and Social Development (bimonthly) 1 (2008)

30. The Duty to Disclose in Real Estate Transaction—Establishment of   Basic Framework, Contemporary Law Review 22, 1 (January 2008)

31. From Formalism to Substantive—the Evolution of Methodology of   Modern Contract Law, ECUPL Journal 5 (2007)

32. Specific Investment, Protection of Laborer and the Right to Discharge  Labor Contract, Contemporary Law Review 20, 5 (September 2006)

33. On the Theory of Efficient Breach, Law and Social Development (bimonthly) 5 (2006)

34. Reconstruction of the Error System in Private Law, ECUPL Journal 1 (2006)

35. The Intellectual Transition of Contract Law and the Countermeasure of  Civil Code of PRC, Contemporary Law Review 19, 4 (July 2005)

36. Study on Subjectivism and Objectivism in Contracts, Law and Social Development (bimonthly) 4 (2005)


2008   Introduction to the Theory of Relational Contract, Science Press

2016   Study of Protection of Expectation and Reliance in Contract Law,    Law Press


2016-2020         Research on the Application of Big Data in Judicial Judgment      

            Sponsor: Ministry of Education of P. R. China

June 2015-Present    The Judicial Application and Theoretical Reflection of the        Core System of the General Principles of Contract Law     in 16 years, Key Project

      Sponsor: National Planning Office of Philosophy of Social Sciences

Oct. 2014-Present    Study on Private Law Theory of Large-scale Transaction

      Sponsor: Ministry of Justice of P. R. China

May 2013-Present    Research on the Main Regulation Technology of          Consumer's Right Protection

       Sponsor: Ministry of Education of P. R. China

April 2010-August 2012  Research on Expectation and Trust Protection in         Contract Law

       Sponsor: National Planning Office of Philosophy of Social        Sciences

 Dec. 2006-Oct. 2011     Study on the Obligation of Information Disclosure in         Contract Law

       Sponsor: Ministry of Education of P. R. China

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