LI Haiying

SOURCE :     TIME: 2020-07-02

Name: LI Haiying

Position: Professor

Research interests: science of criminal law, criminology, and politics of law

Profile: LI Haiying, female, born in Fushun City of Liaoning Province in China in 1977, a member of China National Democratic Construction Association; Ph.D. of Law, Post-Doctor of Political Science, professor and doctorial tutor in Jilin University School of Law. She was chosen as a member of the Youth Academic Talent Program at Jilin University at the end of 2012 and a member of the “ShuangQian Plan” launched by Six Chinese Ministries at the end of 2013. She was awarded “Top Ten Youth Jurist of Jilin Province” at the end of 2017. From 2011 to 2012, she studied at Duke University as a visiting scholar for one year. She visited at the University of Maryland for learning and communication on October-November of 2019..

She is an executive director of China Criminology Society, the Vice President of Crime Prevention Research Society of Jilin Province, a secretary-general of Criminal Law Research Society of Jilin Province, an executive director of Balance Law Research Society of Jilin Province, a research fellow of the Judicial Data Application Research Center and Crime Governance Research Center of Jilin University.

She took charge of more than ten projects, such as China Post-doctor Foundation Project, Education Ministry Project, and State Ethnic Affairs Commission Project, Subproject of Major Education Ministry Project, Jilin Province Social Science Fund, and Jilin University's Honest Government Think Tank Team Building Project. She published nearly 10 books including a monograph, editor in chief, and participation. She had more than 40 articles published in core academic journals like “Contemporary Law Review”. The achievements have won the third prize of the 7th Jilin Provincial Educational Science Outstanding Achievement Award in 2012, the second prize of the 8th Jilin Provincial Educational Science Outstanding Achievement Award in 2013, the second prize of the first Jilin Provincial Outstanding Achievement Award of Law in 2015, the second prize of outstanding achievements of the key theoretical research projects of the Central Committee for China National Democratic Construction Association in 2017 and in 2019.

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