SOURCE :     TIME: 2020-06-24

Name: Wang Yong

PositionAssociate Professor

Research interests: Criminal Jurisprudence


Wang Yong is a male citizen of China who was born in 1976and is an associate professor of Law School of Jilin University currently. My academic interest focuses on criminal jurisprudence, including the theory of criminal composition, the theory and application of penalty especially death penalty, environmental crime,the interpretation and application of Chinese Criminal Code, and so on. As a scholar, I am immersed in reading and writing. As a teacher, I teach Criminal Law for undergraduate and graduate.


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2.2004/14 The current situation and Prospect of International Criminal Law ,  Criminal Law Review (CSSCI)

3.2005/05 On the human rights of International Criminal Law , Contemporary Law Review (CSSCI)

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Contemporary Law Review (CSSCI)

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21. 2018/03 The change of financial crimes and the change of criminal law regulation in the Internet Era, Contemporary Law Review (CSSCI)

22.2018/09 On “serious environmental pollution” in judicial interpretationLaw Science Magazine (CSSCI)

23. 2018/09 On the criminal judicial management of the website of fake academic journals , Research on publishing and distribution (CSSCI)

24.2020/04 On the management idea of minor's misdemeanorJilin University Journal Social Sciences Edition(CSSCI)

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