LI Haiping

SOURCE :     TIME: 2020-09-04

Name: Li Haiping

Position: Professor; Director of Department of Constitutional Law and Administrative Law


Research interests: Constitutional Law and Administrative Law

Profile: Prof. Li obtained his Doctor Degree of Law from Jilin University and has been engaged in teaching and research in Constitutional Law and Administrative Law. He is the director of Constitutional Law and Administrative Law Department in School of Law, deputy editor of Contemporary Law Review. He also holds the position as member of Standing Committee of People’s Congress of Jilin Province, legislative consultant of People’s Government of Jilin Province and Standing Committee of People’s Congress of Changchun City, member of Advisory Committee of People’s Government of Changchun City.

Major Publications:

1. Paradigm Shift of Administrative Law in the Context of Postmodern Society; towards Reflective Administrative Law, Law Press China, 2005.

2. The Critique of Conditional Arbitrariness in Citing the Constitution in Civil Judgment, Political Science of Law, 8 (2020).

      3. Factual Conditions of Constitutionality Interpretation of Civil Law,Chinese Journal of Law, 3 (2019).

      4. On the Theory of Ownership Qualification of the State Ownership of Urban Land, Journal of the Party School of the Central Committee of the  C.     PC, 3 (2017).

      5. Legalization of the Social Group’s Internal Order, China Non-profit Review, Social Science Academic Press, 2016.

      6. A Normative Analysis of Human Dignity in the Constitution, Contemporary Law Review, 6 (2011).

      7. On the Constitutionalization of Democracy within the Party, 3, (2013).

      8. On Constitutional Changes Resulting from Administrative Reform of Contemporary Western States, Contemporary Law Review, 1 (2006).

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