XING Binwen

SOURCE :     TIME: 2020-06-23

Name: Xing Binwen

Position: Lecturer


Research interests: Chinese constitutional law; Legislative science



Doctor’s Degree of Constitution and Administrative Law(2017),Law school of Jilin University;

Master’s Degree of Constitution and Administrative Law(2014), Gansu Institute of Political Science and Law;

Bachelor’s Degree of Law(2010), Law school of China University of Political Science and Law.

Work Experience

2017-2018, assistant researcher in law school, Jilin University;

2018-2020, lecturer in law school, Jilin University.

Awards and Honors

1.Award for Outstanding Papers of Constitutional Law, Cai Dingjian Constitutional Law Fund (first prize in 2014,third prize in 2016 and 2018);  

2.Award for Outstanding Papers of Constitutional Law, Xu Chongde Constitutional Law Fund (first prize in 2015)

3.Best Paper Award of 11th pubic law forum of Chinese doctoral students(2016, Tsinghua Law School, Beijing,)

Publications (All in Chinese)

1.How to Understand the Concept of Unconstitutionality——An Empirical Research Based on the Practice of NPC and NPCSC of China, Peking University Law Journal, Vol.32(2020), No.2, pp.319-338.

2. An Empirical Study on the Function of the NPC Financial and Economic Committee in the Process of Budget SupervisionLaw and Economy, 2019, No.5, pp.137-149.

3. What is the Value of the Empirical Research on Courts Using the Constitution in China? Zhejiang Academic Journal, 2019, No.3, pp.85-94.

4. A Study on the Constitutional Review of Local Legislations of China: Contents, Space and Functions, Inner Mongolia Social Sciences, Vol.40(2019), No.1, pp.99-104.

5.A Study on the Standard of Constitutionality of Draft Law in Legislative Process, Political Science and Law, 2018, No.11, pp.61-72.

6.A Research on the Constitutional Control in the Process of Law Draft Deliberation, Tsinghua University Law Journal, Vol.11(2017), No.1, pp.167-188.

7.An Empirical Research on Deputies to the National People’s Congress Exercising the Power to Submit Bills of Legislation(1983-2015), Administrative Law Review, Vol.20(2), 017pp.183-202.

8.How Deputies of NPC Promote the Codification of the Civil Code —An Empirical Study Based on the Information from the Gazette of NPCSC(1983-2015), Western Law Review, 2017, No.1, pp.1-17.

9.How the Court Uses the Constitution—Centering on Judicial Practice after the Nullification of Qi Yuling Case’s Reply, China Law Review, 2015, No.1, pp.127-157.

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