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Yingqing Law Firm --New Training Base for Juris Master

SOURCE :     TIME: 2020-10-20

On October 14, 2020, the opening ceremony of a new training base for Juris Master, Yingqing Law Firm, was successfully held in Yingqing Law Firm. Zhou Chunguo, Secretary of CPC Committee at School of Law, Deputy Dean Xu Dai, and Deputy Dean Lv Xin were invited. Director Shi Jingyu from the Lawyer Management Office of the Changchun Judicial Bureau expressed his congratulations.Meng Jun, Director and Senior Partner of Jilin Yingqing Law Firm, and more than 30 lawyer representatives attended.

Director Meng Jun extended his sincere thanks to Jilin University School of Law for its trust on behalf of Yingqing Law Firm. He said that Yingqing Law Firm has always attached great importance to cooperation and exchanges with universities. It has been actively engaged in the practical training of young legal talents and worked with law schools to carry out multi-dimensional cooperation.

Zhou Chunguo, Secretary of CPC Committee at School of Law, gave a detailed introduction to the history of School of Law. Zhou said that School of Law focuses on students’ professional skills and comprehensive quality. The cooperation with Jilin Yingqing Law Firm helps to improve the quality of talent cultivation. With strength in scientific research, School of Law would like to establish in-depth exchanges with Yingqing Law Firm to realize win-win cooperation.

Director Shi Jingyu said that the training base is a combination of legal study and legal practice, as well as an integration of legal education and lawyers’ practice. It is an effective way to build a platform with mutual benefit. Jilin University and Yingqing Law Firm will make concerted efforts to explore the cooperation in legal practice and scientific research.

A history of around seventy years of dedication has witnessed the creation and development of a leading base of Chinese legal education and legal personnel training in Jilin University School of Law, commonly referred to as one of the Four Most Prestigious Law Schools in China. Its alumni spread all over the country, including public security systems, procuratorate and judicial departments, government agencies, law schools in various universities, and law firms. It has made important contributions to the construction of the socialist rule of law in our country, and has cultivated a large number of outstanding legal personnel.

Since its establishment, Jilin Yingqing Law Firm has paid great attention to talent training. Young lawyers have been trained systematically from multiple perspectives and grow rapidly through training systems such as youth training camps, young lawyer training lectures, and moot courts. As a research and training base for Juris Master, Jilin Yingqing Law Firm has built a team of lawyers with rich theoretical and practical experience. Yingqing Law Firm will provide internship positions for postgraduate students of Jilin University, so that students can learn more about the work of lawyers. It is believed that the training system of Yingqing Law Firm can help students quickly adapt to the life of a lawyer.