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Professor Zhang Wenxian's Lecture on Jurisprudence

SOURCE :     TIME: 2020-10-14

Professor Zhang Wenxian, member of the Party Group of China Law Society, Director of the Academic Committee, Senior Professor of Philosophy and Social Sciences of Jilin University, delivered a lecture on “Ubiquitous Jurisprudence: Phenomenon and Logic” for doctoral and master students majoring in jurisprudence and judicial civilization on 8 October.

Professor Zhang Wenxian began with three basic concepts of jurisprudence: law, the rule of law and jurisprudence, and analyzed the connotation and correlation between them under the development of socialist rule of law with Chinese characteristics and Xi Jinping’s Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era. Professor Zhang Wenxian explained that jurisprudence originates from the concepts of ‘Dao’ and ‘Li’, which is about people’s exploration and cognition of the regularity, authority and universality of law. Jurisprudence can be divided into three levels: core jurisprudence, basic jurisprudence and concrete jurisprudence respectively.

Professor Zhang approached from ubiquitous phenomenon of jurisprudence. Jurisprudence is almost ubiquitous and omnipotent that exists in law as well as in daily life. He took examples from constitutional law and civil law to illustrate the application of jurisprudence, which revealed the ubiquity of jurisprudence in the legal department. Jurisprudence is the inherent component of the rule of law and legal phenomenon. With the combination of emotion, reason and law, it is also a demonstration of good law and good governance.

Professor Zhang Wenxian also discussed the theoretical paradigm of legal research, legal response to innovations in a society of intelligent information, and the judicial application of legal principles with the students.

Professor Zhang Wenxian’s lecture have a profound theoretical foundation which is based on the practice of socialist rule of law with Chinese characteristics. The lecture also provides guidance for emerging and frontier issues in the field of jurisprudence. The students benefited a lot from the lecture and had a more systematic, comprehensive and profound understanding of legal study. They will be actively engaged in legal study, and contribute wisdom and strength to the development of jurisprudence and the rule of law in China.