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Professor Huang Wenyi's Lecture on Issues and Methods of Jurisprudence Research

SOURCE :     TIME: 2020-10-13

Professor Huang Wenyi, member of Collaborative Innovation Center of Judicial Civilization of Jilin University and Renmin University of China Law School, gave a lecture to doctoral and master students majoring in jurisprudence and judicial civilization on 8 October. The lecture is centered on “Issues and Methods of Jurisprudence Research.

Professor Huang Wenyi pointed out that in the context of comprehensively promoting the rule of law, the research attention should be paid to the following ten legal research questions, namely, national governance and national system, the rule of law in China, China’s security, political and legal theory, Communist Party’s governance of the country, emerging human rights, global governance and international rule of law, scientific and technological innovation and future rule of law, philosophy of department law, Chinese legal system and traditional legal theory. He further explained that the Action Plan of Jurisprudence Research is a dynamic point of view, which is different from the traditional legal model. In the new era, jurisprudence research should adopt a more open and inclusive methodology, and encourage the scientization, axiomatization, modernization, nationalization, legal practice, popularization, inter-discipline research, globalization and systematization of jurisprudence, so as to make jurisprudence a new area of knowledge full of vitality and creativity.

With distinct consciousness of problem and profound theoretical connotation, Professor Huang Wenyis lecture focuses on the socialist rule of law with Chinese characteristics, which enables the students to enhance their understanding of legal study.