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Delegation of School of Law Visits Henan and Anhui for Program Publicity

SOURCE :     TIME: 2020-10-06

Zhou Chunguo, Secretary of CPC Committee of School of Law, and the delegation of law school came to visit Henan Yichuan No.1 Senior High School, Hefei University of Technology and Anhui University for program publicity and alumni visiting.


About 830 undergraduates of Henan Province are recruited to Jilin University each year. To attract more excellent students, Zhou Chunguo,Secretary of CPC Committee of School of Law, Liu Sa, the editor of Propaganda Department of Party Committee of Jilin University, Liu Jian the deputy director of Research Center of Jurisprudence, attended the Jilin University 2020 Acceptance Letter Granting Ceremony at Henan Yichuan No.1 Senior High School. The acceptance letters from Jilin University were handed over to 17 freshmen at the ceremony by Cheng Tiejing, the principal of Yichuan No.1 Senior High School, and Zhao Xiansheng, the vice-principal. Afterwards, Zhou Chunguo delivered a lecture titled “Dreams begin at JLU to more than 800 high school students. Zhou presented the academic advantages, beautiful campus and loving care of JLU. He also provided guidance for students to better plan their future study and looked into the bright future.


Afterwards, the delegation came to School of Literature of Hefei University of Technology and School of Law of Anhui University for research and master program publicity.


In School of Literature, Hefei University of Technology, Dean Wu Jiaojun, Li Jinhua, Secretary of CPC Committee of School of Literature, Huo Jingyu, the deputy dean, Gu Anxiang, the deputy Secretary of CPC Committee of School of Literature met the delegation; In Anhui University School of Law, Dean Guo Zhiyuan, Song Yuru, Secretary of CPC Committee of School of Law, Li Shengli, the deputy dean, welcomed JLU delegation. Communication and discussion on enhancing exchange and cooperation, fostering “three full education, ideological and political education, and party construction work were conducted. Consensus on establishing an interactive mechanism of fostering high-quality postgraduates and recommending excellent doctoral students for employment was achieved.


Ms. Xing Dan made a presentation to introduce Jilin University School of Law, including its history, current situation, faculty staff, enrollment policies and future development. She took questions from the participants to further their understanding of School of Law, Jilin University. Such initiative contributes to recruitment and admission of outstanding students.


In Henan, the delegation visited law school alumni, such as Fu Heping, Zhang Wanying, Li Jun, Zhu Haifeng, Song Hongwei, Chen Kai. This trip has increased the attachment of alumni to School of Law.


In Anhui, the delegation paid a visit to Jilin University Alumni Association of Anhui Province, and discussed the establishment of Anhui Alumni Association of School of Law, which laid a solid foundation for setting up a home for JLUers of School of Law in Anhui.