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Lecture on Research Ethics Held Successfully

SOURCE :     TIME: 2020-09-29

Prof. Ren Xirong, deputy dean of School of Law, gave a lecture on research ethics on 23 September. Affected by the pandemic, it was delivered with both online and offline participation. Over 400 students watched the livestream on Tencent Meeting platform. It was hosted by Ms. Zheng Nuo, director of graduate office of School of Law.


     Prof. Ren began with the spirit of scientists in a new era and raised 10 questions regarding research ethics and gave clear explanations.


First of all, Prof. Ren expressed the importance of learning in postgraduate education, and encouraged students to consolidate academic foundation and improve core competitiveness.With her own teaching experience, Prof. Ren elaborated the significance of learning and leaning methods, and particularly stressed that law school students should not only work hard on academic study with persistence but also pay attention to inter-discipline and inter-field subjects, and develop into a habit of critical thinking while keeping open-minded to broaden academic horizons. Then Prof. Ren stated that School of Law provides advanced software and hardware facilities, excellent faculty team and rich library collections for students. At the same time, she emphasized the meaning of relating theoretical study to practice, and encouraged students to focus on realistic problems and take active part in social practice.


In the following part, Prof. Ren continued with academic norms, teacher-student relationship, overall quality and morality. As to academic norms and research ethics, Prof. Ren put forward requirements on respecting knowledge, keeping good reputation, being persuasive by reasons and keeping the bottom line. Prof. Ren urged students to respect teachers while standing their own ground, to maintain enthusiastic about truth, and to accept challenge bravely. Students should grow and develop in an all-around way, focusing on academic study while engaged in other activities. She wishes all the students to graduate successfully and be well prepared to start their careers.


At last, Prof. Ren concluded the speech with her best wishes to the students, and encouraged them to devote into studies and improve competitiveness.