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Outward Bound for Undergraduate Students

SOURCE :     TIME: 2020-09-10

To comprehensively implement the pilot reform of “Three Full-Education” and further improve the quality and effectiveness of ideological and political work. School of Law organized an outward bound for undergraduate students. The competition consists of tug-of-war and dodgeball games, which aims at promoting friendship and helping students to return to campus life after the pandemic.

In the competition of tug-of-war, each team was busy making strategic plans and itching to drag the opposite side in front of their own face immediately. After two rounds of fierce competition, Class 7, Class 9 and Class 10 made it into the finals. Players were encouraged by the cheerleaders to pull together with full efforts. Class 9 won the championship, Class 7 and Class 10 took the second and third place respectively.


In the competition of dodgeball game, each team was divided into 4 attacking players and 12 defensive players. Attacking members adopted the precise strike strategy with speed and accuracy. Defending members were flexible to mobilize. The players put friendship at first place throughout the competition. In the end, Class 4 won the champion, followed by Class 7 and Class 8.

The outward bound ended with laughter, which strengthens teamwork spirit between the participants. Students learn to overcome difficulties and cooperate with others through the games. The activity is also a positive attempt of law school to promote the construction of “Three Full-Education”.