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Zhou Chunguo, Secretary of CPC Committee of School of Law, addresses the “Three Full-Education” Conference

SOURCE :     TIME: 2020-07-06

On 24 June, “Three Full-Education” (refers to all Staff-involved, all-dimensional and end-to-end education) conference to strengthen curriculum ideological and political education was held in Jilin University. President Zhang Xi presided over the conference; Dr. Jiang Zhiying, Secretary of CPC Committee of Jilin University attended. Zhou Chunguo, secretary of CPC Committee of School of Law, as a representative delivered a speech.

Zhou Chunguo said that the Party Committee of Law School has been devoted to exploring effective measures to implement “Three Full-Education” policy. Guided by the Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, School of Law adheres to the concept of target orientation, problem orientation and result orientation. School of Law serves as the battleground with its faculty staff teaching in the front. Zhou introduced the efforts of Law School to achieve “Three Full-Education” from four aspects. First, School of Law establishes a general objective of teachers ideological and political education and takes the initiatives to start the project of building up professional ethics and capability of faculty staff. Second, School of Law sets up a work-team to provide assistance to academic staff and postgraduate students, which is led by the deputy dean in charge of administration. They are responsible for general administration, Party affairs, teaching affairs, scientific research, foreign affairs, trade union and Womens Committee. In addition, postgraduates’ ideological and political education is separated from their teaching affairs administration. Third, a learning plan targeting at freshmen is implemented to offer academic guidance, foster self-recognition and help students with career plans. Fourth, School of Law has been committed to strengthening the “soft powerof connotative development. The “family culture is widely accepted, therefore, members of Law School are closely united. For instance, the “King and Wood Scholarship Program” and “Cultivation Plan of Excellent Students ” not only care for students’ growth, but more attention has been paid to their development. Furthermore, School of Law advocates excellence. The evaluation system for teachers and students is under constant improvement to encourage outstanding individuals. In addition, the rule of law is a basic guideline of Law School. Taking advantages of the discipline of law, Law School is positively engaged in social services and contributes to the comprehensive rule of law in China.

To conclude, Zhou Chunguo expressed Law School’s determination to cultivate legal professionals of integrity. School of Law will learn from other colleges with an open mind, carry forward the fine tradition of legal education. Remaining faithful to the original aspiration and keeping our mission firmly in mind, Law School will make further achievements in the coming future.