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School of Law Holds 2020 Commencement Ceremony for Undergraduate Students

SOURCE :     TIME: 2020-07-02

On June 24, Jilin University School of Law held its commencement ceremony and awarded degrees to its undergraduates of the class of 2020 at the Mayflower Plaza of the Central Campus of Jilin University. The ceremony was presided over by Lin Yuanyuan, deputy secretary of the CPC Committee and vice president of Law School. Dean He Zhipeng, Zhou Chunguo, the secretary of the CPC Committee at Law School, and over 200 undergraduates together with relevant faculty and staff took attendance.

The ceremony began with the national anthem. Jiang Chaonan, awarded as the top ten college students of Jilin University in 2019, delivered her commencement speech on behalf of the undergraduate students of the class of 2020 and she recalled her four-year life and study at School of Law.

Yao Ying, representative of the faculty members, made her speech on What kind of legal personnel is needed in the era of change”. She shared her own thoughts and experiences and advised the graduates to grow up into “thinkers with kind hearts” as her expectations.

In his congratulatory speech, Dean He Zhipeng hopes the graduates to be physically and mentally healthy, to make continuous progress step by step and to keep the bottom line in mind. He Zhipeng shared his thoughts about how to behave in the context of turbulent international changes as legal professionals. He made the remarks that physical and mental health is the prerequisite for everything. This includes not only physical health, but more importantly, positive thinking and integrity. He called on the graduates to work hard for our country for another 40 years with a positive physical and mental state. Afterwards, He Zhipeng explained the meaning of "making continuous progress step by step", which is about the value of perseverance and concentration. He said that slow steps on the road of life would  lead you to the beautiful scenery. To conclude, he exhorted the graduates who are about to work in the social community as legal professionals that they should have awareness of obeying the rules. Confronted with complicated temptations,  principles and bottom line should always be born in mind. The best way to resist temptations is to stay away from temptations. At the end of the speech, Dean He Zhipeng quoted Chairman Mao Zedongs poems “Remember still. How, venturing midstream, we struck the waters. And the waves stayed the speeding boats” to encourage all students to start their career with confidence; and the poem “All are past and gone! For truly great man. Look at this age alone” to express his expectations to reunion in the future.

Xu Dai, the deputy dean of School of Law, announced the graduates of class 2020. Then, Chen Junzheng, the chairman of the 30th Student Union of Law School, and Zheng Chengjie, the monitor, gave a present to the alma mater on behalf of all the graduates. They put 520 wishes into a bottle to express their love for Law School. Even if the students are going to start new careers in different places, distance does not reduce their attachment to the Law School.

Dean He Zhipeng and Ma Xinyan, Chairman of the Degree Evaluation Sub-Committee, awarded degrees to the graduates. School of Law also gave souvenirs to the graduates in memory of the special graduation in 2020.

In such a special time, the graduates of class 2020 have successfully concluded their four-year study. School of Law wish a glorious future for all!