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Appraisal of Human Rights Discipline

SOURCE :     TIME: 2020-06-28

On the evening of June 11, the Seminar “Appraisal of Human Rights Discipline of Jilin University” was held at School of Law. Experts from Southwest University of Political Science and Law, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Northeast Normal University, Wuhan University, China University of Political Science and Law, Zhejiang University, representatives from the Graduate School of Jilin University, School of Law, School of Public Administration, College of the Humanities, School of Philosophy and Sociology, and members of the Human Rights Discipline Group attended the meeting.

   Wang Qingfeng, deputy dean of the Graduate School of Jilin University and director of the Degree Office, extended his gratitude to the participants. He Zhipeng, dean of School of Law, briefly introduced the development of law school and human rights discipline. Experts reviewed the application materials of human rights doctoral program and made relevant inquiries and comments. After discussion, experts reached an agreement that it is necessary and feasible to establish a discipline of human rights. The human rights discipline, covering a comprehensive range of subjects, has clear teaching objectives, accurate positioning of research directions and reasonable curriculum. Moreover, well equipped with teaching facilities, solid research foundation and rich talent cultivation experience, it is possible to pursue a higher level of development and establish sub-discipline doctoral programs.

On one hand, Jilin University’s application of doctoral program of human rights is of urgent significance to increase national voice on human rights and enhance the level of legal personnel training. It is in line with the policy of high-end legal talents cultivation, international communications, and national needs for human rights education. Meanwhile, our country and the party have repeatedly emphasized the importance of human rights. In this context, both human rights research and education have practical significance in meeting the needs of the times, accelerating the rule of law and realizing the well-being of the general public. In terms of disciplinary construction, it requires interdisciplinary perspectives and knowledge to understand human rights comprehensively and take human rights as an independent discipline. Therefore, it is right on time for Jilin University to set a human rights discipline.

On the other hand, Jilin University School of Law has an early start and a solid foundation of disciplinary construction in human rights with competitive faculty and outstanding academic leaders. Those influential scholars have achieved impressive research achievements and enjoyed good reputation at home and abroad. On this basis, School of Law has extensively engaged in domestic and international exchanges.

The characteristic human rights discipline in law school is well grounded and structured, especially in international human rights law. The achievements of leading scholars not only have great influence in China, but also receive international attention. The first-level discipline of law has prominent advantages in personnel training, and its related sub-disciplines complement each other. The solid academic foundation of humanities and social science disciplines of Jilin University also provides great support on human rights studies.

The human rights discipline of Jilin University would contribute to studies on human rights theory. Benefited from achievements of humanities and social science, human rights discipline is able to expand its range of study, especially in interdisciplinary, cross-universities and cross-border academic exchange and talent training. Scholars in human rights study can conduct in-depth theoretical research and establish human rights database in the context of Internet advancement.

Review experts unanimously approved the application of human rights doctoral program and recommended more financial and policy investment in human rights research. On behalf of School of Law, Professor He Zhipeng extended his appreciation to the attendees for their valuable opinions and suggestions. School of Law, striving for making the discipline of human rights a leading subject at Jilin University, will take full consideration of those advice, further improve system construction of human rights discipline, specify research directions, strengthen internal exchanges between departments in Jilin University and external cooperation with universities and research institutions around the world.