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Dr. Jiang Zhiying, Chairman of Jilin University Council, Visits School of Law

SOURCE :     TIME: 2020-06-03

On May 8, Dr. Jiang Zhiying, Chairman of Jilin University Council, paid a visit to School of Law. Accompanied by Vice-president Cai Lidong, and heads of General Committee Office, Office of Human Resources and Social Security, JLU Alumni Association, Financial Department and Center of Big-data and Network Management, Dr. Jiang Zhiying inquired about the first-class discipline construction in School of Law.

In the Museum of School History, Dr. Jiang Zhiying learned about the latest achievements of Law School in discipline construction, talent cultivation, faculty team building and scientific research. Jiang said that School of Law had a fine tradition established by efforts of generations, and cultivated legal talents and produced a large number of academic masterpieces. He encouraged Jilin University School of Law to continuously take root in Northeast China and develop into a national base of legal research and education.

Later in the meeting with the executive group and teaching staff representatives from law school, Prof. He Zhipeng, Dean of School of Law, delivered a report on historical position, talent cultivation, scientific research, opening education, and team building. Other attendees, according to their own experiences, proposed ideas and suggestions on promoting construction of law discipline, including continuing jurisprudence research, producing high-quality journals, enforcing big-data and information application, improving teaching methods and making full use of the advantages as a comprehensive university.

Prof. Zhang Wenxian, senior professor in philosophy and social sciences in Jilin University, expressed that Law School should persist in aspiration, justice and innovation, carry forward the student-centered and faculty-oriented tradition, seize the opportunity of constructing a system of socialist rule of law with Chinese characteristics, set out on a new journey of legal education and legal research in an era of comprehensive rule of law. Prof. Zhang Wenxian emphasized that it required us to raise the awareness of risks and sense of competitions, make strategic plans ahead, clarify priorities, promote transformation and upgrading of traditional disciplines, look for breakthroughs in cutting-edge subjects and strengthen points of weakness in interdiscipline subjects.

In the end, Dr. Jiang Zhiying praised School of Law for its present development and achievements, expressed his congratulations to its remarkable success, and extended his gratitude to all the faculty staff in Law School. He pointed out that the ultimate goal of higher education was to strengthen morality through education, and cultivate constructors and successors who are all-around developed in morality, intelligence, physical fitness, aesthetics and working capabilities. To realize this goal, we should commence with discipline construction, clarify research orientation, mobilize available resources and take targeted measures. Driven by the great importance and urgency of the fifth-round discipline evaluation, we should seize opportunities and make scientific plans to improve discipline construction with focuses.